• Tony Grant

Increase Productivity & Effectiveness at Home Or Workplace.

I wanted to share some useful tools that have helped improve my effectiveness (both professionally and personally) over the past few months.

I've purposely stayed away from Slack, Teams, Trello, Jira etc The tools below compliment the tools you already work with.

Microsoft To Do (Formely Wunderlist)

Enables you to quickly capture a task, organise into the right category and prioritise accordingly. Main benefit; speed to capture tasks, ideas.


Tracks your time, it doesn't mean you need to track every minute, every day. It visualises what you are working on. You'll be shocked by what you do vs what you think you do.


The concept is based on the process of oscillation 'micro-breaks'. An excellent way to keep focus, reduce distractions and help you perform at a higher level for longer.


I'm all for picking up a phone and talking to people. This can prove difficult especially with colleagues based around the globe. To save the constant back and forth of email, Loom allows you to create short, sharp videos to answer the question in hand.

Additional apps I use

Sworkit - Fitness

Elevate - Brain training

Wally - Organised finances

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